Brain Signals

On May 19th, in honour of the opening of the Lab in Milan, I will be sharing my last research focus. Throughout the event, I will be wearing an electroencephalogram. This will gain data and send it to a computer. This data moves, on a real time basis, a numeric control pantograph that will be engraving a support. This data will also be sent to a musical engine software in order to generate sound frequencies, with which the designer Paolo Gaudio will create an unrealised musical piece. It's for logistical purposes that the event is planned to have a limited attendance. To take part please find tickets at:

My Works on Netflix

Thanks to Avangart Group & Cattleya, one of Italy’s leading independent film and television producers, you Could find My Artworks on Netflix for "Generation 56k", an iconic series aired in 13 Countries all over the World.